Founders Pledge

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Founders Pledge is a program of Full Circle Fund that helps early stage companies do good from the start. Founders Pledge provides educational programing and meaningful engagements with Bay Area nonprofits to a community of founders and their companies that have made a commitment to positive social change.

Since Founders Pledge launched in August 2014, over two dozen early stage companies have made the pledge to demonstrate a commitment to positive social change.

Follow @Founders_Pledge, make the pledge at or contact to learn more about how Founders Pledge can help your company do good from the start.

June 2015 FP Logo Collection

Our community is growing – we invite you to learn more about the founders and companies that have made the pledge.


“As the tech sector in San Francisco continues to grow and to succeed, we must do more than “give back” – we have a responsibility to seriously address the root causes of inequality, poverty, and displacement in San Francisco. I love being a member of the tech community and I am continually inspired by my peers, and Founders Pledge is a platform to harness that inspiration for social good.”
Chris Murphy, Founder of Zoomforth

“San Francisco is at an inflection point right now. There has been so much growth, so many new companies moving in, and like it or not, their values are shaping what the city is going to become over the next decade. That city is either going to be one in which the business community is separate from the city, or one in which the two are engaged with one another. My hope is that the Founders Pledge will serve as a catalyst for individuals, companies, and members of the community who want it to be the latter, who don’t want the city to lose what makes it so special.”
Joe Kleinschmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of Obindo