Full Circle Fund’s Rising Leaders Program

We are Actively Looking for Mentors for the 2017 Cohort


risingleadersjamathonSharable Program Overview

Through Rising Leaders, we’re transforming the way young professionals develop leadership skills and engage in local philanthropy.

Rising Leaders are current Full Circle Fund Members who are early in their career, ripe for professional development, and passionate about making their community and the world a better place. The program was launched with a Koret Foundation grant in 2012 and involves a cohort of 20 Full Circle Fund Members under 32.

Rising Leaders is a two-year program for the next generation of social impact change-makers. Our blend of volunteer projects and training prepares participants to help shape the future of philanthropy as strategic partners joining nonprofit boards and developing solutions that cross boundaries.

The programming will be guided by our Co-chairs Anina Tweed Business Development Manager Living Goods and Andrea Clatterbuck Expert Analyst PG&E, Energy, and Policy Initiatives. They are both long-time Full Circle Fund Members who have made their mark leading Grant Cycle project teams in our Economic Opportunity and Environment & Energy Circles. These talented professionals will bring our cohort both the public and private sector perspectives on social impact issues.

What You Get When You Participate

  • Subsidized Membership ($5,000 value)
  • Early Career Leadership Development Programs
  • Strategic Mentor-Matching
  • A Close-Knit Cohort of Likeminded Young Professionals
  • Hands on Experience Developing Social Impact Programing
  • The Opportunity to Manage a Non-profit Support Grant
  • Practical Training to Foster Diverse Social Impact Engagement

How to Join & Receive a Subsidized Membership (Cost are determined on a sliding scale) 

What Rising Leaders Say About the Program

“The Rising Leaders Program provides a unique opportunity to meet other early-career individuals interested in social change work, while also being of service to organizations in need. Paired with the professional development opportunities and work with local organizations, the program pulls together many of the issues I am passionate about.” – Elisha Smith-Arrillaga, Hewlett Foundation

“The Rising Leaders Program is a great way for someone like me, with less than 10 years of career experience, to get involved with the Full Circle Fund and begin to make a positive difference in my community and beyond, today. This program seems like it fosters deeper connections between younger members and members with more experience, which might otherwise be hard to achieve. I’d be excited to help build the program. ” – Josh Galland, Housatonic Partners

For information about getting involved, contact Jo Stein Director of Membership & Community via email jo@fullcirclefund.org