Parent leaders want to help make their school system work better, but it’s big, complex – and changing fast. How can they learn what they need to know, quickly, so they can participate in these changes — and make a difference? Ed100.org, a free, self-paced online course, helps them understand...

A model for changing incarceration and re-entry.

The future is challenging for former prisoners: one year after release, 60% are unemployed, and 67% are re-arrested within three years. This has dramatic ramifications for the individuals, their families, and society. Today, 70% of the children of inca...

Mission: A model for improving wellness and aging...

End-of-life decisions cause extraordinary stress for patients, families, and society in general. Today, 40% of hospice patients come directly from Intensive Care Units, and spend just a few days in palliative care before dying. From a cost perspect...

Mission: YTH is the partner of choice for those in search of new ways to advance the health of youth and young adults through technology.


Mission: Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) is a San Francisco based nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts, a field in which women represent less than 5%.


Mission: A model for changing urban sustainability....

San Francisco residents enjoy the convenience, health, and economic benefits of a highly-walkable community, where one out of four outings are made on foot. Unfortunately, though, at least three people on foot are struck by cars every day.  Annua...

Mission: iZone Silicon Valley is creating a partnership with schools in San Mateo County to accelerate learning through the identification and use of appropriate, effective tools and methods that address the individualized needs of each student. An education innovation zone (iZone) brings together e...

Mission: Family Independence Initiative (FII) is a national nonprofit which leverages the power of information to illuminate and accelerate the initiative low-income families take to improve their lives.h lesson completed counted as an entry in a drawing for school PTAs, with prizes of up to $1,000.


Mission: A model for changing career readiness...

While the San Francisco tech boom has created thousands of jobs, low-income Latino families still face numerous barriers to economic success and stability. In 2011, San Francisco’s Latino families experienced an unemployment rate that was more than do...

Mission: Early Edge California is a nonprofit advocacy organization working to ensure all children have the early experiences necessary to be successful learners by the end of third grade, setting them on a path to college and career readiness.


Mission: College Track is a national college completion nonprofit that empowers students from underserved communities to graduate from college.


Mission: A model for changing the conversation around climate change... Industrial agriculture has taken a toll on the environment and on food quality. Sustainable farming practices have been replaced with synthetic fertilizers and other chemical and mechanical technologies that compromise soil tilt...

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