Building A Better Bay Area 

Since 2000, Full Circle Fund has partnered with 100+ nonprofits serving the Bay Area. We grant to 501(c)(3) organizations or fiscally-sponsored projects.

How we partner

Members select partner organizations from a curated pool of high-impact nonprofits that serve the Bay Area. We award a financial grant ranging from $15,000 and define a project or initiative to complete over the course of four months. When a nonprofit organization joins the Full Circle Fund portfolio, we call them a Grant Partner. 


In 2020 we will have two Grant Cycles (mid-May to mid-Sept and mid-Aug to mid-Dec). Grant Cycle members will partner with 4-8 Bay Area nonprofits in each cycle who are addressing issues facing our communities in education, health, economic opportunity, and environment/energy.


What partnership means:

Skills-based volunteer support: 4 months dedicated pro bono support from a team of 6-10 Members on a high-priority project that Grant Partners are seeking external expertise and skills to design, develop, or implement. Project areas include, but are not limited to business development and fundraising, marketing and communications, metrics and evaluation, technical product management, program development, sales and pricing, scaling infrastructure, digital transformation, strategic planning. 


Unrestricted funding: $15,000 one-time general operating grant

Ongoing connections that catalyze amazing social change work. Members often choose to continue working with Grant Partners beyond the completion of the initial project, acting as volunteer “champions” of the mission, vision, and programs. Members might join the Board of Directors, act as consultants, help connect new staff and donors to grow the impact, and continue to share professional expertise and access to their networks and knowledge for years after the first meeting between Grant Partner leaders and Members of FCF teams.



Due to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders, all Circle dates have been updated on 3/25/20. Please assume all events are virtual until further notice.

All Members
  • Fri, 4/3 - FCF Town Hall regarding COVID-19, open to the public
  • Tue, 4/7 - Member Training, Power & Privilege, option 1 of 2 - REGISTER HERE
    • Members only (attendance required to join a team)

  • Thu, 4/23 - All Member Orientation / Community Connect, 6-7:30pm PT - option 1 of 2
    • Members only (attendance required to join a team)

  • Tue, 4/28 - All Member Orientation / Community Connect, 6-7:30pm - option 2 of 2
  • Fri, 5/15 - Grant Partners announced!
  • Tue, 6/2 - Member Training, Power & Privilege, option 2 of 2 - REGISTER HERE
  • Thu, 6/4 - Member & Grant Partner social, 6-7:30pm
  • Thu, 6/11 - Working Session 1 
  • Thu, 7/30 - Working Session 2 
  • Thu, 9/24 - Working Session 3 
  • Thu, 10/8 - Full Circle Fund UNITE celebration
Health Circle-specific events
  • Wed, 5/6 - Health Members Due Diligence Webinar, 12-1:30pm
  • Wed, 5/13 - Voting on Grant Partner selection, 6-8pm
Economic Opportunity Circle-specific events
  • Fri, 5/1 - Economic Opportunity Members Due Diligence Webinar, 12-1:30pm
  • Thu, 5/7 - Voting on Grant Partner selection, 6-8pm
Education Circle-specific events
  • Thu, 4/30 - Education Members Due Diligence Webinar, 12-1:30pm
  • Wed, 5/6 - Voting on Grant Partner selection, 6-8pm
Environment & Energy Circle-specific events 
  • Tue, 5/5 - Environment & Energy Members Due Diligence Webinar, 12-1:30pm
  • Tue, 5/12 - Voting on Grant Partner selection, 6-8pm

Past projects our Members & Grant Partners have worked on together:

Guiding Principles for FCF Grant Partnerships


Our most successful FCF engagements have this in common:


Growth Potential: They have strong leadership and successful programs that meet a timely and critical need and have identified capacity building as a strategic priority. They are at an inflection point to build their organizational foundation for greater impact.


Impact Potential: They have the potential to make an impact in addressing one or more of our four issue areas—economic opportunity, education, environment, health—in the Bay Area. They are also committed to performance and outcomes measurement, whether well-developed or planned, and have an organizational culture of measuring success. 


Committed Leadership: They have leaders with a deep desire and ability to guide their organizations in achieving significant growth and impact. These leaders seek thought partners, welcome FCF Member expertise, and can commit the energy and resources needed to collaborate successfully. 


Organizational Vision and Strategy: They have a current strategic plan, a theory of change, or an organizational roadmap. Tech nonprofits also have a technical roadmap for a live tech product or service projecting at least 6-12 months.


Proposed Projects: They have plans for defined, high-priority project(s) their organization would like to work on in the next 6 months that would be enhanced or accelerated by our skilled volunteers. In other words, “This is a high-priority project we need to do, and having Full Circle Fund’s support would make it possible or accelerate its progress.”


What are the most pressing problems?
  • Define Our Focus Areas

  • Convene Experts

  • Understand the Issues

Who will make a profound impact?
  • Identify Leaders

  • Identify Organizations

  • Conduct Due Diligence

Who is the best match for us?
  • Scope the Work

  • Solidify Teams

How do we leverage resources & deliver value?
  • Teams Get to Work

  • Learn, Refine, Adjust

  • Deliver, Measure & Evaluate


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