Corporate Nonprofit Accelerator Fund


How the accelerator works

The Accelerator Fund is an accelerated and focused grant-making process that leverages the expertise and network of business leaders to catalyze high-impact nonprofit organizations.


Months 1-2

Nonprofits selected and pro-bono projects scoped


Months 3-4

21 employees recruited for project teams


Month 4

Power & Privilege workshop prepares employees for effective partnership


Months 5-9

Project teams drive toward pre-established outcomes


Month 10

Deliverables presented live and in final Impact Report

Program execution
Commitment Levels

Each cohort requires a $150-200K grant, depending on the number of Corporate Partners, typically split between one to four companies. There are several cohort models based on what companies are able to contribute. 


$50,000 for 5 leaders to join (4 companies/cohort)

$100,000 for 10 leaders to join (2 companies/cohort)

$150,000 for 20 leaders to join (1 company cohort)


*Cost is $200k for cohorts of 2 or more participating companies to cover the resources to duplicate efforts across companies

Allocation of Company Grants

$150K is allocated between 4 high-impact nonprofits

  • $45k is in unrestricted grants to the 3 nonprofit grantees

  • $105k is an unrestricted grant to FCF, 100% of which goes toward programming including:

    • Nonprofit Diligence: source, vet, and offer training to nonprofit grant partners

    • Nonprofit Needs Assessment: scope projects designed to maximize employee impact

    • Employee Selection: build employee teams for each project

    • Employee Training: equity and awareness + how to leverage private sector skills for nonprofits

    • Project and People Management: ensure successful project outcomes

    • Press Releases, Blog Posts, Impact Reports: help companies tell their impact story

Phase 1: Nonprofit Selection + Project Scoping (Month 1-2)

  • FCF will work together with companies to select 3 nonprofit grant partners using an equitable participatory grantmaking strategy

  • FCF scopes nonprofit partner projects, defines milestones, goals, and outcomes, and the “dream team” of skills that are needed to meet the nonprofits' project goals.

  • Each of the 3 winning organizations will receive a $15k grant as well as the support from the volunteers to help scale each organization’s impact

Phase 2: Team Selection (Month 3-4)

  • FCF will map out what skills each grant partner project requires (example) and work with Company to recruit 6 Team Leads (2 per nonprofit), typically Director/VP or higher, who will then help recruit the remaining 15 employee volunteers.

Phase 3: Orientation (Month 4)

  • Member orientation: Teams learn about FCF, Grant Partners, and projects

  • Member Power & Privilege Workshop: Prepare members for effective partnerships

  • Member + Grant Partner Meet & Greet 

Phase 4: Project Execution (Month 5-9)

  • FCF will facilitate 2 working session events over 4 months between Grant Partners and members and check-in calls throughout the engagement to ensure progress toward project goals

Phase 5: Offboarding (Month 10)

  • FCF works with teams to finalize deliverables and prep for the transition away from the partnership. Summary of work presented by volunteers and grant partners.

  • Impact case studies will be shared with companies shortly after the program completes.

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What our Members Say

"I built great relationships with both my non-profit partners (Career Village) and other teammates. This experience inspired me to give back more and I plan to join at least one non-profit board and give more of my time."

Chris Koehler, Chief Marketing Officer, Box

(Board of Directors, Career Village.)

"The problems nonprofits face can be solved by pairing them with the right people that are willing to help. This was a radical first-hand experience I gathered from my participating in the program. We should have more of this.​"

Josue Estrada, COO,

(Currently COO, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)


What our Grant Partners Say

"Really enjoyed meeting some of our group members. Arlene, Ben, Jon, and Doug especially built strong relationships with us, and we talked about keeping them involved in some way even after this project."

Rey Faustino, Founder & CEO,
One Degree

"Overall, the excitement, encouragement, and expertise we received from the FCF team and our advisors helped us tremendously. We look forward to continuing these relationships and making CareerVillage even bigger and better! "

YoonJi Kim, Director of Operations, CareerVillage


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