economic sECURITY Cohort

Support for Disrupted Retail/Service Workers and Minority-Owned Small Business 

The Service Sector and
Small businesses have been decimated


This has led to unprecedented unemployment and a critical economic downturn. Our economy-focused cohort will partner with nonprofits serving and supporting retail/service workers and women and minority-owned small businesses. Many of these nonprofits have seen an immediate need to create new digital tools and processes to support the millions that have been disrupted across the state, and importantly, in our city centers. Solving for this has the possibility of not only serving newly displaced workers but also creates new support networks for job seekers and those experiencing homelessness.

The concentration of minority-owned small businesses in the service sector (food services, laundry, retail, accommodation, etc.) makes them most susceptible to business disruption in the near-term. Underlying systemic issues put many of these businesses in “financially precarious positions” before the pandemic. They will now have to contend with higher cost operating structures to adapt to COVID-related restrictions or safety practices but lack the financial means to weather an extended cutoff of cash flows.

Ensuring that these businesses and the workers they employ survive will require fundamental shifts in how private-, public-, and social-sector organizations come together to support them.


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Make a meaningful impact leveraging the business skills of your company's leadership team. Be a catalyst for change by working in a structured, hands-on setting with vetted tech-driven nonprofits.


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