Equitable Education Cohort

Digital Transformation to Build Equitable Education Opportunities

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How do we ensure these
communities aren’t left behind?


This cohort will partner with nonprofits working to leverage this moment to change structures and not just use technology to maintain our education system, but to transform it. Full Circle Fund past projects, such as working with San Francisco, Oakland, and San Mateo school districts, provide us institutional expertise and innovative methodology to help move this work forward.

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented level of school closures forcing students to learn remotely. While some students have access to higher-quality learning opportunities, such as informal homeschooling, many under-resourced communities don’t have access to any quality learning medium.

CTOs of education districts are racing to get new systems for students and teachers up and running. Meanwhile, education nonprofits that provide extracurricular programming and support to low-income children, students in uncertain home situations, or homeless and transitional youth are not only transitioning their programs to digital but also providing wraparound support services, such as sourcing computer equipment and access to adequate internet bandwidth, critical to student success.

This digital transformation is wildly accelerated, and the sector needs support in all areas not only to assure effective and equitable educational opportunities for all, but also to begin to transform an outdated model into a new democratic and equitable system.


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