Healthy Communities Cohort
Cultivating Healthy Communities in a Post-COVID world

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The COVID crisis has changed what it means for us to connect to each other

This health-focused cohort will partner with nonprofits working on solutions to entrenched challenges and the underlying systemic issues that are behind the disproportionately detrimental impact of COVID-19 on communities of color.

COVID-19 has calculable risks to social, emotional, and physical health for everyone, but has disproportionately impacted underrepresented communities.

  • Access to healthy food is threatened 

  • Spaces for gathering and recreation, transportation, the manners in which we interact and connect with one another and the systems that make our cities livable have been disrupted 

  • Coronavirus further exacerbated racial health disparities - accurate data, more testing, and better preparation for hospitals and people of color are critical

  • Mental health and care for older adults and disabled people are needed now more than ever


Additionally, COVID-19 has magnified the effects of systemic discrimination that has powered these outcomes for decades. Today, communities of color are:


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Make a meaningful impact leveraging the business skills of your company's leadership team. Be a catalyst for change by working in a structured, hands-on setting with vetted tech-driven nonprofits.