Changemakers from all walks

Full Circle Fund brings together those from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to partner in accelerating social change. To foster a diverse network we have created our scholarship initiative to make our work more approachable to professionals from all walks of life. 


We expect that those that receive a scholarship, dig deeper to support the work of Full Circle Fund with a focus on service. 


Each year our network has the capacity to support up to 40 Member fellows through our scholarship fund. All fellows should expect to contribute in some form with their time, dollars and/or networks. 


The scholarship process is simple. It just requires an annual supplemental scholarship application. Our team will review applications on a rolling basis—existing scholarship recipients will be required to submit a new application each year. 

Bridging the Empathy Gap

Most fellows come from the social impact sectors. Many are career professionals at community-based organizations. Some come from public service and others are career switchers moving from the private sector into the impact space. Our community welcomes these leaders with open arms and an eye toward fostering cross-sector collaboration.

Our Criteria

Our scholarship fund offers assistance based on professional affiliation, personal background and need to defray the cost of Membership. Our goal is to create an active diverse network.