Funding & Investing

Building A Better Bay AREA

Full Circle Fund works with our Members, foundation partners, and business leaders to pool our philanthropic dollars so we can make the greatest impact with our giving.

Amplify Giving​

Our active network pools funds and invests in vetted nonprofits and social enterprises. Our Members learn from experts and their peers so they can give smarter and many also volunteer their professional skills to transform social change organizations and themselves.


These activities generate great rewards as our network gives more strategically while also deepening their passion for civic engagement. The funds we invest come both from within our own network and also through our fundraising efforts. We help the next generation of philanthropists learn to drive support for social impact.

Grant Cycle Membership_6x.png
Annual Grant Cycle

Through the Grant Cycle, our Members work together like a foundation. They vet nonprofits and deploy funds and service projects to support specific impact areas define by our Circles going deep.


Our Grant Cycle Members contribute their dollars through their Membership dues to help support our annual grants. But that only goes part of the way our corporate partnerships and the fundraising efforts supported by our network make our grants possible.

Tech Accelerator Funds

The Tech Accelerator Fund is an accelerated and focused grant-making process that leverages the expertise and network of Bay Area tech leaders to catalyze local high-impact tech-enabled nonprofit organizations. Like our annual Grant Cycle, Members pool both their financial and intellectual capital to support our Grant Partners.


However, these Members each contribute $5,000 to the Tech Accelerator Fund Round helping our network cover the full cost of these larger grants used by our tech-enabled nonprofits to scale their work.


Accelerator Fund 

In 2018 Full Circle Fund hosted its first Tech Accelerator Fund as a pilot.  This flexible grant-making process leveraged the expertise and network of Civic Tech leaders (Co-Chairs) to source high-impact civic tech organizations in the Bay Area. Members pooled both their financial and intellectual capital to support grantees.