Mission: CEP’s mission is to increase the learning opportunities and enhance the academic achievement of homeless and highly mobile youth. 



Project Category: Program Management

Project Title: Impact Measurement

Project Summary: Identify program success metrics and communicate your organization’s mission, activities, and achievements in a compelling way to funders


Deliverable Type: Report / Data Analysis, Written Materials, Visual Design Assets

Member Professional Skills Used: Data Analysis, Research, Marketing, Writing

Need & Impact

What the org needed and why it was important: As a nonprofit focused on a very unique and vulnerable population, homeless and highly mobile youth (HHM), CEP was challenged on how to effectively tell their story and share their impact in a way that speaks to funders while still being sensitive to the communities they serve. There are far more HHM students in the Bay Area than CEP is currently able to serve and they have a long waitlist of students. They need to scale the organization sustainably, thus, they need to attract new donors, volunteers, and community partners to CEP. In order to do so, they need an impact report and a better way to showcase our current work and potential impact. 

How our support helped them: The FCF Education team produced an impact report that highlighted the research on education challenges for homeless and highly mobile youth and addressed the approaches CEP is taking to tackle the issue. The impact report, which has also been graphically designed by the Huck Yeah design team, is now a template for CEP to use in showcasing their work with funders, community shelters, prospective partners, and the community they serve while noting the impact it has on the community they serve. To capture the qualitative and quantitative assessment of CEP’s work, the Education team designed survey questions for the students, families, partner shelters, and volunteers alongside interview questions. Our hope is that these survey questions can be applied on an annual basis, as a foundation for data collection for CEP. The impact report, including research and data supporting the impact of CEP’s programming on HHM students, will hopefully attract new donors, volunteers, and community partners to CEP.

Project Deliverables

  • Data collection tools to measure program impact and capture client testimonials 

  • Report that summarizes the organization's impact and goals for programming and services


# Nonprofit hours spent on project: 40 hours over 5 months (8 hours/month)

# Nonprofit staff on project: 3

# Members on project: 9


Mission: GirlVentures inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action.


About the Project

Project Category: Finance & Operations

Project Title: Financial Planning & Fundraising

Project Summary: Improve your ability to monitor financial health so that your organization can effectively plan for the future and scale effectively


Deliverable Type: Report / Data Analysis

Member Professional Skills Used: Data Analysis, Finance, Fundraising, Research


Need & Impact

What the org needed and why it was important: GirlVentures sought a Full Circle Fund grant partnership to assess their business model, focusing on financial planning, communications, the case for support, and partnership strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changed the program landscape for GirlVentures and highlighted the urgent need to implement a financial plan to ensure stability going forward. 


How our support helped them: The Full Circle Fund project team completed a thorough discovery and review of GirlVentures’ financial documents and strategic framework. The final project deliverables are intended to provide GirlVentures with an accurate picture of current finances and an actionable plan for growing their programs within cost models so that they can confidently expand and reach more communities.

Project Deliverables

  • Tools to monitor and improve financial health, custom growth models, dashboards

  • Playbooks that outline recommendations to expand other areas of revenue and programs


# Nonprofit hours spent on project: 80 hours over 5 months (16 hours/month)

# Nonprofit staff on project: 2

# Members on project: 12


Mission: Beyond 12 helps high schools, college access programs, and colleges provide their students with the academic, social, and emotional support they need to succeed in higher education.


About the Project

Project Category: Marketing & Communications

Project Title: Go-to-Market Strategy

Project Summary: Develop a strategy to introduce a new product or service to the market 


Deliverable Type: Strategic Plan

Member Professional Skills Used: Marketing

Need & Impact

What the org needed and why it was important: Beyond 12 has created a unique hybrid coaching model that has doubled the number of first-generation and low-income students who graduate from U.S. colleges. They want to reach 1,000,000 students by 2025, and thought the best way to do that was to automate some of the repetitive, lower touch coaching tasks through a richer mobile app experience through MyCoach so that more students can access tips/tricks/advice without having to use higher-touch services like a human coach, and attract incoming and current college students directly rather than going through a sponsored third party i.e. high school, college, other organization. To that end, Beyond12 needed to incorporate a B2C model of engagement so that students are directly aware of these services. Additionally, Beyond12 needed to address the impact and onboarding processes of new students coming to them directly through Virtual Coaching services or the MyCoach mobile app. 


How our support helped them: We helped B12 create a go-to-market strategy for its virtual coaching services and MyCoach app. We helped Improve the MyCoach app experience for students by humanizing it through content: 

  • Helps B12 move towards their 20k students by end of year goal

  • Better student experience throughout their coaching and app

  • Enabled the team to clearly and consistently make decisions on which content vehicles to use for messaging

Project Deliverables

  • Direct-to-student outreach plan (social, ads, email, referrals)

  • “Influencer” outreach plan to parents, teachers, admins, orgs (social, email)

  • Pilot tests and recommendations for scaled campaigns

  • Onboarding and student communications framework


# Nonprofit hours spent on project: 60 hours over 5 months (12 hours/month)

# Nonprofit staff on project: 6

# Members on project: 7

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