Tandem engages the whole community to ensure low-income families have the resources, skills, and confidence they need to support their children’s kindergarten readiness. StoryCycles®, their school-to-home book-sharing program, provides families with access to high-quality children’s books and support materials. They also offer free, community-based workshops for families, caregivers, and educators to deepen their knowledge of early childhood brain development and share simple, effective strategies for building language and literacy through everyday activities. 



The FCF Project Team partnered with Tandem to develop a program evaluation plan to support their strategic planning and fundraising efforts. Their goal was to answer the question: How does Tandem prove that what they’re doing works? After reviewing existing literature and creating evaluation tools, the team compiled the research and data into an Impact Report that will be used to attract new partners and funders. This partnership supported Tandem in realizing its mission of closing the opportunity gap and bringing more equity to the Bay Area.




Grant Partner Testimonial:

“The grant partnership with the Full Circle Fund offered Tandem the opportunity to work with a smart, talented, and passionate group of individuals on an important project that is key to our organizational mission.


Focusing on program evaluation, Tandem’s FCF project centered on StoryCycles, Tandem’s flagship school-to-home book sharing program. One goal of the project was to describe the impact of StoryCycles; this involved analyzing three years of survey data gathered from program participants, linking survey results with the research in early learning, and synthesizing findings in a StoryCycles Impact Report. Another element of our project focused on improving ongoing evaluation processes, by updating the survey instrument to make it more lightweight and identifying electronic tools to enable data collection from a larger sample of program participants.


The FCF project has highlighted to Tandem the great value that comes from working closely

with a group of committed volunteers on a focused, time-bound, specific project with clear

deliverables. As a result of this partnership, Tandem has formed new relationships, developed

new processes and products, and increased our capacity to fulfill our mission.” 

–Savitha Moorthy, PhD, Executive Director


Member Testimonial:

“Just after joining the Full Circle Fund I found myself leading an accomplished and diverse team of professionals in partnership with one of the Bay Area’s major nonprofits in early childhood education, Tandem, Partners in Early Learning. After leaving full-time work I had been torn between looking for a part-time job or traditional volunteering, neither of which really offered me the level of challenge and connection I was looking for. FCF gave me the opportunity to use my skills to benefit low-income families and promote early learning, a cause I am passionate about. Getting to collaborate with smart, talented and fun people who were also committed to making the Bay Area more just and equitable was an added bonus.”
-Lisa Olson has been a Member since 2018. She was the Team Lead for this project and is now a Board Member for Tandem.


Tarjimly aims to improve the lives of refugees and the efficiency of humanitarian services by eliminating language barriers. Their mobile app allows multilingual speakers to remotely volunteer as translators and interpreters for displaced people. When a translator is requested, their machine learning matching algorithm selects the best volunteer available and connects them in a live chat with the person in need.


The FCF Project Team partnered with Tarjimly to accelerate their marketing and sales strategy as they had a first-class technology product, but lacked the skills to scale. As a result of the partnership, they doubled the translators on their platform and more importantly were able to reduce the cost of acquisition down to 40 cents (a 20x improvement!). They were also able to improve the pitch of their revenue model to funders and organizations. With more volunteers and a stronger sales strategy, they are closer to realizing their goal of mobilizing 1 million multilingual speakers.


  • Tracking and attribution system to understand the impact of outreach efforts on app installs

  • An online marketing campaign to recruit translators, resulting in over 9,000 new volunteers (a 2x increase) in over 20 languages at a <$0.25 CPI

  • Paid product pitch for nonprofit customers, such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC)


Grant Partner Testimonial:

"FCF took Tarjimly's marketing from 0 to 100 real quick! We had this great product, but were noobs at getting word out. FCF helped us grow twice as fast as we could have on our own. The mentors were amazing throughout and more involved than we were used to - the team did a great job putting complementary people together!


We learned how to leverage volunteer mentors better, how to systematically build a marketing and sales strategy in the nonprofit sector, and how helpful a group of committed and consistent friends can be in accelerating tech for good in our world."

–Atif Javed, Co-Founder & Executive Director


Member Testimonial:

"I was looking for an opportunity to get more involved with the challenges facing the Bay Area, and where I could make use of what I’ve learned in my time at Google and Facebook. Full Circle Fund not only made this possible via the Tech Accelerator but also connected me to an amazing community of passionate and talented volunteers, as well as inspiring and non-profit leaders. My experience partnering with the Tarjimly and WorkIt to grow their apps to help refugees with translations and retail workers understanding their policies and rights was some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done."
—Andrew Truong (Andrew Truong was the Team Lead for this project and has been a Tech Accelerator Fund Co-Chair since 2018. He is Product Marketing Lead for Marketplace (E-Commerce) at Facebook.)

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Through Full Circle Fund, I’ve been able to meet professionals with diverse skillsets and experiences who are making an impact in education. This has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of equity and access issues in the education space and inspires me to embark on my own journey of impact as well.

Brittany Cheng, Product Manager, Yelp​


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