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Funding Your Work

Nonprofits cannot effectively operate without funding from individual donors or other organizations. Fortunately, there’s a well-developed system of institutions and resources for finding, matching and engaging potential donors.​

Understanding What Funding Sources are Available for Nonprofits 


It’s important to first understand the different types of funding options in the philanthropic world. From traditional foundations to fundraisers, the appetite for philanthropy has expanded into spaces such as crowdsourcing and innovative models such as Full Circle Fund’s grant cycle where we award grants and a team of professionals. Not all sources of funds will make sense for every organization, but understanding the basics before defining a strategy is key.



Creating Your Organization's Customized Fundraising Strategy  


As you've learned, there are numerous ways to engage with donors, share your mission and ask for help. Here’s an overview of options and tips help you decide how to customize the right strategy for your nonprofit:



Running the Fundraising Process 


Often the hardest part is identifying and developing a donor base over time. In this section, we've highlighted a few perspectives on donor management and cultivation tactics:  



Tracking Funding Sources to Create Long Term Value 

Now that you've thought about how to communicate and build relationships with donors it's important to build your organization's infrastructure to help manage these important relationships. Here are some tools and tips for tracking and managing funding sources as you develop and retain relationships:

​​ ​​



Great Nonprofit Fundraising Blogs & Resource Roundups 






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The next section will talk about financial management for nonprofits.


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