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Managing Your Tribe
RecruitIng Volunteers & Staff

The hardest part of building an organization is recruiting volunteers and staff. A compelling vision and vocal presence may attract supporters, but that is only the beginning of the journey of building a long term and sustainable organization.

Sources for Volunteers 


There is a wealth of untapped volunteer capacity as socially responsible people seek to contribute and give back to their communities. The following are just a handful of places to find volunteers:



Engaging with Volunteers

Once you’ve built a pipeline of interested volunteers, you need to convert them to ready and willing volunteers that remain engaged and can quickly be activated to support events and activities. Lots of methods and tools are available online, but we’ve listed only a few below:



Hiring & Retaining Paid Staff

Keeping volunteers and staff engaged requires a different set of skills and tools. Below you'll find a few resources that cover ways to find and then nurture your organization's staff:



Nonprofit Job Boards

Fish, where the fish are below, are a few nonprofit specific job boards





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The next section will talk about fundraising and donor management.


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