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Scaling Your Organization to Support and Sustain Long Term Growth

Now that we’ve discussed how to develop a theory of change, recruit volunteers, find donors, fundraise and track a nonprofit’s financial health, we’re ready to start growing and scaling the organization.

Nonprofit Governance  


Whereas financial controls are important for tracking money, proper governance and controls are critical to maintaining a strong reputation and recruit experienced members with the necessary skills to identify and execute strategies that effectively deploy capital, refine the vision, expand networks, ensure compliance, build influence, and much more. Here are some ways to build, retain and leverage boards:



Growing Nonprofit Leadership Teams

Alongside board and governance development activities, the nonprofit’s operating staff require individual development and the necessary skills to fulfill their daily activities and board reporting requests. A slew of resources are available that apply to both the corporate and nonprofit domains, but here are some considerations for developing nonprofit leaders and leadership teams:



Nonprofit-Specific Training and Leadership Development Organizations 

Promising leaders that seek long term careers in the nonprofit space may also consider higher education in one of many nonprofit management programs. Smaller organizations also offer shorter courses and certifications, which may be more affordable for smaller nonprofits to sponsor.






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The next section will talk about deploying technology to institutional processes and scale.


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