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Strategic Planning to Maximize Impact

Your organization’s mission is vitally important to you and your constituents. How you communicate your story, mission and vision can win allies and secure donations. However, in our eagerness to make an impact, often, we become too engrossed in our own story and perspective that we lose sight of the bigger picture. We've collected a few resources to support the development of your organization's strategic focus. 

Mission and Vision


Reviewing the meaning and objectives of our mission statements periodically can refocus our efforts. Here are some resources that explore mission statements:



Theory of Change (ToC)

It’s also a good idea to periodically review your nonprofit’s theory of change and the mechanism by which your work and actions will result in achieving desired outcomes. As the world changes, so may our theories of change:



Advocacy and Messaging

Armed with an internal mission, theory of change and organizational structure, here are some resources for developing an external messaging and advocacy strategy to spread your values across the community and build a global footprint.






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The next section will talk about managing and leveraging volunteers and staff.


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