Most of our impact happens through the collaborative environment of what we refer to as our Circles. They bring together Full Circle Fund Members with a common interest in our four issue areas.

We find and partner with inspiring education leaders who are answering important questions about how to make education work better for each student. Over the years we have partnered with educators and administrators, entrepreneurs and union leaders, policymakers and philanthropists, journalists and researchers. This mix of perspectives is part of what makes participating in Full Circle Fund exciting, unique and enriching for Members.


We look for inspirational and effective leaders who want to make a better life for others in need. Our focus is on encouraging entrepreneurship generally within the areas of workforce development, financial services, health, and poverty alleviation. We divide our efforts between Bay Area and local internationally focused organizations. Ultimately, we hope that the ideas and organizations in which we invest can be scaled by larger funders.

Environment & Energy

We aim high and broad – there are many avenues to work towards a solution for our environment. We have partnered with organizations that focus on cleantech and alternative energy, urban sustainable development, green jobs, global warming and climate change, water conservation, and environmental health and social justice. This list is certainly not exhaustive. We strive to identify the most promising and effective organizations that are making a dent in a serious issue.


When we formed our health Circle it was a direct response to the changing regulatory environment in the healthcare space. Over the years we have supported not only organizations that focus on systematic changes, but also direct service providers and nonprofits that foster individual health and wellness by means that aren't even related to healthcare.


We have several goals for our Full Circle Fund partnership but the biggest is understanding how to pitch and structure deals with companies that want our technology.​ Member Jon Relyea taught us how to begin getting value out of partnerships even *before* they're signed.

Gavin McCormick​, Co-founder