2018 Impact Report

Building a Better Bay Area

2018 has been a year of transition for our active network. And that evolution is showcased in our impact report. It shares how we've activated on our mission as a convener, connector, and catalyst helping changemakers build a better Bay Area. 


Over the last year, we brought together those from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to leverage their time, networks, and resources to partner in accelerating social change amplifying their impact and building a more connected and equitable Bay Area hosting more than 50 gatherings. We hope you'll explore the results of that work in this report.

2018 Impact Report
Fostering Innovation

Our beyond the dollars approach helps community-based organizations connect directly & effectively with key stakeholders to shape innovative solutions.​

How We Activate 

Our Members have been coming together since 2000 to amplify their impact by leveraging their time, networks, and resources to accelerate social change. Our impact report archive highlights how our network of changemakers helps build a better Bay Area.