Accelerate social justice in a Post-COVID World


12 Companies + 60 Business Leaders
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Full Circle Fund helps companies direct employees’ skills and knowledge, and philanthropic dollars, directly to Bay Area organizations helping those most impacted by the COVID crisis.

COVID-19 is causing massive disruptions to the educational, health, and economic systems that disproportionately impact Black and Brown communities. The protests that erupted after George Floyd’s death were not in reaction to an isolated incident of police brutality but were a response to centuries of systemic inequality further magnified by the COVID pandemic. 


In response to the pandemic, our nonprofit partners have been flooded with demand for their services while facing severely reduced budgets and, in many cases, forced reductions in staff. Now, their leaders are even more pressed to respond to use this moment of national reckoning to accelerate the impact of the social justice solutions they know can improve the lives of millions. 


Partner Companies

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Full Circle Fund interviewed and surveyed over 100 local nonprofits, funders, and others in the FCF community, and identified three critical strategic areas where the social sector needs support to continue to help those impacted in 2020 by major public health, economic, and social upheaval. 



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Make a meaningful impact leveraging the business skills of your company's leadership team. Be a catalyst for change by working in a structured, hands-on setting with vetted tech-driven nonprofits.

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The problems nonprofits face can be solved by pairing them with the right people that are willing to help. This was a radical first-hand experience I gathered from my participating in the program. We should have more of this. 

–Josue Estrada, COO,

(Currently COO, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)