Claire Gunter

Claire Gunter settled in San Francisco in 2008, where she got into Enterprise SaaS. She specializes in optimizing Sales, be it through process and operational improvements, new Channel programs, or breaking into emerging markets and new verticals. In addition to solving complex problems to help a business scale and grow quickly, she is passionate about mentoring and fostering diversity. In addition to her support for the FCF, she serves on the Board of the Brandeis Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, and supports both the SF Bike Coalition and AFS International. She likes her feminism intersectional, her cycling protected, and her world to be as big as possible. Though all of these things bring her great joy, raising her two children with her husband is by far her favorite thing, and she hopes that they will inherit a legacy of civic-mindedness that will bring about real change in the world.

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1330 Broadway, Suite #300, Oakland, CA 94612

t: 415-824-4840


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