Alice Liu

Alice currently works at Box where she is an analytics lead for the Marketing team. While she works on building and understanding multi-attribution models during the day, she volunteers her time on projects around social impact in her personal time. At Box, she is the co-chair for the women's ERG (employee resource group) focused on supporting women, addressing women's issues in the workplace, and building allyship. Outside of work, she has also been a part of YCore, a social impact fellowship for young professionals, in the winter 2018-2019 cohort. Alice graduated from Northwestern University in 2014, where she studied Psychology. Her involvement with social impact started when she joined NUCHR, the human rights student group and the mindset has carried into her life today. Alice is particularly interested in the intersection of technology, social impact, and healthcare, and hopes to spend more time and exploration in this space. She continues to contribute to her community through volunteering projects and stay updated through events/lectures in the city. In her downtime, she loves to write poetry, draw, and cook dishes reminiscent of her mom's.

#2019RisingLeaders #Health


1330 Broadway, Suite #300, Oakland, CA 94612

t: 415-824-4840


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