Auth0 & Okta for Good Donate Grants & Volunteer Time to Help Accelerate Nonprofit Growth

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Auth0 & Okta for Good Donate Grants & Volunteer Time to Help Accelerate Nonprofit Growth

Full Circle Fund Announces Genesys Works, NPower, and Upwardly Global As New Grant Partners for Corporate-Nonprofit Accelerator Fund

(OAKLAND, CA) August 12, 2021 — Full Circle Fund (FCF), a community that leverages resources and accelerates nonprofits in the Bay Area and beyond, today announced three new Grant Partners, with funds and employee volunteer hours donated by identity management software providers Auth0 and Okta for Good, as part of its Corporate-Nonprofit Accelerator Fund. The accelerator initiative connects corporate resources and community organizations to unlock growth opportunities and scale current and new ways to ultimately fulfill their missions and serve more people.

“Nonprofit organizations are increasingly relying on a mix of traditional business models customized for the unique challenges of the nonprofit sector,” said Jay Hirschton, CEO of FCF. “Support from Auth0 and Okta for Good will help our nonprofit Grant Partners emerge stronger from this time of uncertainty by leveraging the professional skills and experience of corporate teams to identify new opportunities and implement new strategies for nonprofit groups.”

FCF’s Corporate-Nonprofit Accelerator Fund pairs skills-based company employee teams and executives with nonprofits at an inflection point to develop strategies that scale their impact. Grant Partners will receive $15,000 in funding provided by Auth0 and Okta for Good as well as volunteer team members who will apply their professional skills and experience during a six-month project to help Grant Partners address the biggest problems affecting the communities they serve. Three new Grant Partners include:

  • Genesys Works provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships. The FCF project seeks to increase the number of students supported through internships each year and advance both programmatic and revenue goals.

  • NPower creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. The FCF project seeks to increase NPower California’s participant recruitment numbers, diversify recruiting strategies, and improve recruitment efficiency and staff capacity with learnings to be shared with other NPower regions nationally.

  • Upwardly Global is the first and longest-serving national organization supporting immigrants and refugees who want to contribute vital skills to the professional U.S. workforce. The FCF project will conduct a landscape analysis to understand competitors in the space, market gaps and needs, potential customers, and Jobversity’s unique value proposition to standardize product packages and set-up their go-to-market strategy.

“At Auth0, we value collaboration, innovation, learning, transparency and passion. We look forward to collaborating with FCF and our colleagues at Okta to bring these values--as well as business and marketing skills and experience--to support these three amazing nonprofits organizations that drive impact in the communities where our teams work and live,” said J. Alexander Sloan, Director of Social Impact at Auth0 and head of

“We are excited to build on the success of our earlier FCF-Okta for Good collaboration with these new grant partners. We know that employee team members and the nonprofit leaders have found the skill-based volunteer program to be beneficial for the individuals involved and ultimately, more impactful for the communities served by the nonprofit organizations,” said Anna Currin, Manager, Social Impact, Okta for Good.

Last year, FCF announced Okta as a sponsor of FCF's initiative to Accelerate Social Justice in a Post-COVID World. Those Grant Partner projects were completed in the spring and highlighted in a recently released Insights Report. Pro-bono projects for the new Auth0 and Okta for Good collaboration will be completed in March 2022 and will be highlighted in a new report next year. Companies interested in assisting local nonprofits with grants and volunteers should contact FCF Chief Business Development Officer Dan Steif at dan[@]

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