Stronger Together: FCF & Ycore Merge

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Stronger Together: FCF & Ycore Merge

We have exciting news! 

Full Circle Fund and YCore are joining forces. Both nonprofits have worked in parallel in the Bay Area for many years, training and connecting skilled professionals with local nonprofits to be committed partners for social justice. Together, Full Circle Fund looks forward to an even greater impact on our Bay Area community.

In its 20+ years of connecting professionals with nonprofits, Full Circle Fund volunteers have collectively given 100,000+ hours of their time to over 100 nonprofits. Some have even gone on to be leaders in their communities by joining nonprofit boards, running for public office, and switching careers to nonprofits and foundations.

YCore will now be a part of Full Circle Fund as its “YCore Fellows Program”. The program will continue training the Bay Area’s passionate young professionals looking to grow their leadership capacity and contribute their skills and time to positively enhance their communities. 

Combining operations will provide opportunities for efficiency. Over time, we hope to blend together the best of both organizations’ processes while preserving what makes each of our programs unique and transformative.

But the benefits go way beyond that. 

Adding the YCore community to the Full Circle Fund community will broaden the diverse expertise, perspectives, and capabilities we can offer to nonprofits, particularly around those hard and soft skills that young working professionals contribute to the Bay Area economy.

We’ve already started collaborating on a project with a shared grant partner, La Cocina. 

“I've thoroughly enjoyed working together with YCore fellows,” says Full Circle Fund Project Chair Miki Yamamoto. “Last fall, our FCF team, and the YCore team worked in tandem with La Cocina, to interview and assess the needs of La Cocina’s graduates. The FCF team also interviewed industry experts and analyzed business model options for La Cocina to provide expanded services to their graduates.  I’m excited that this spring, as a blended team, we are continuing to build upon 'learnings' from both projects, to help La Cocina assess and better meet the needs of their alumni businesses.” 

Leticia Landa, La Cocina Deputy Director is similarly supportive. “It’s not always easy working with volunteers - but I’m always excited to work with YCore and Full Circle Fund because of the added value their teams bring to our organization.”

In addition to the future nonprofits we will partner with together, we’re excited about how much the members of our blended community can learn from each other. One of YCore’s greatest strengths is its sense of community. We’re looking forward to building on that.

You’ll hear more from us on upcoming events, projects, and opportunities that we can engage in together. In the meantime, I hope you’ll share my excitement about our new program and partners. 

Looking forward to what’s next, 


Full Circle Fund 

Interim Executive Director