Member Spotlight: Jayant Tiwari

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Member Spotlight: Jayant Tiwari

For over 20 years nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals have counted on Full Circle Fund (FCF) to help build a better Bay Area. Every year we count on our Members to share their time and talent to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions.

We recently caught up with first year member Jayant Tiwari to talk about his Member experience. Jayant is a software engineer currently working with by Amazon. Prior to graduating from University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, he completed two internships in the Bay Area, and currently lives in San Francisco.

Why did you become a FCF member?

It was a combination of wanting to learn about the challenges faced by people in the Bay Area and trying to improve the community which has given me so much. I found FCF through a web search and really liked that the organization is action oriented. The fact that FCF matches Members based on their skills and interests with nonprofits really appealed to me.

What was one of the biggest challenges your volunteer team worked on with the nonprofit partner?

Our volunteer team collaborated with YLabs, a leading global design and research nonprofit organization working to improve health and economic opportunity for young people. They needed to develop new technology solutions to improve data collection, analytics and privacy. Like many nonprofits, YLabs faced challenges providing services to their community due to the COVID pandemic. They have limited resources so we had to research and develop plans to fit their budget and staffing. As a team, we worked across different functions such as technology, programs, and legal to revamp their data collection process which would allow for more online engagement and follow best practices in data privacy.

What was the most rewarding (professional or personal) part of your FCF project experience?

The most rewarding experience was when we saw all the work we did finally connect together and YLabs was very enthusiastic about the outcome. I also learned a lot about how nonprofits operate such as being mission-driven and balancing limited resources.

How would you describe FCF to friends and family?

FCF is an actionable organization where their impact is clearly felt in the community.

Would you like to add anything else?

I am excited to continue as a volunteer at YLabs on a data visualization project. I probably would not have found YLabs without FCF so I would recommend FCF to my colleagues because of the network of small- and medium-sized nonprofits they reach. I believe that technology can play a big role in improving the quality of life that attracts so many people to live and work here. And FCF can help professionals connect with nonprofits that have specific projects that will benefit the community they serve.

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