New Era Brings New Opportunities

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New Era Brings New Opportunities

By Jay Hirschton, CEO, Full Circle Fund

As our country marks a new era with the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it is incredibly inspiring to think about the opportunities ahead of us to make real, systemic change. We will have an administration that is receptive to advancing the work we care deeply about with a focus on economic opportunity, education, environment & energy, and health. But we cannot rely on a new administration or Congress alone.

We are all the leaders we have been waiting for. We must apply the lessons and resilience gained from the past year to charge forward. Last summer’s social justice protests highlighted the inequities in economic opportunity. Distance learning confirmed the digital divide for students of color with limited resources. Through social distancing, we learned we can reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment. The pandemic exposed health disparities and inequities, especially in communities of color. But we can not do this alone, our collective individual changes in lifestyle and behavior based on our learnings, will have a profound impact at scale.

We know that community matters. Nonprofit organizations play a critical role in improving the quality of life in our communities where we live, work, and play. But they cannot do it alone. Full Circle Fund is committed to nurturing and expanding this ecosystem of community impact. Volunteers--especially skills-based professionals--must share their knowledge and experience to help nonprofits back office operations. Funders--individuals and institutions--must continue to invest in the community and nonprofits to build capacity to meet the growing needs and serve more people.

We must meet the moment of this era. As we mark Full Circle Fund’s 20th anniversary, we are committed to unlocking $100M in new resources over the next five years to build a better Bay Area. But we cannot do it alone. In the coming months, we will highlight the emerging issues that nonprofits face, the opportunities for funders to make short- and long-term impact, and the role for volunteers to optimize their skills and experience.

Together, we can seize the new era to build the change we want to see.