Beyond 12

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Beyond 12

Beyond 12 works to increase the number of historically underrepresented students who graduate from college and who translate their degrees into meaningful employment and choice-filled lives.
Chris Co CTO & Head of Product, Beyond 12


Create a go-to-market strategy for Beyond 12’s new B2C (business to consumer) virtual coaching services and improve the MyCoach mobile app experience for students through better onboarding. Beyond 12 aims to support 1,000,000 college students annually by 2030 with their unique hybrid coaching model.


The FCF project team helped build a marketing plan to reach more students directly and improve Beyond 12’s mobile app content strategy. Key deliverables included: direct-to-student outreach plan (social media, advertising, email, referrals); “Influencer” outreach
plan identifying parents, teachers, and high school administrators (social, email) as key stakeholders; pilot tests and recommendations for scaled campaigns; and onboarding and student communications framework.

Impact on Beyond 12 mission:

Helped Beyond 12 make progress toward their end-of-year goal of serving 20,000 additional college students; improved student onboarding experience for MyCoach app;
and enabled the team to clearly and consistently make decisions about which content vehicles to use for messaging.

Chris Co CTO & Head of Product, Beyond 12