Centro Community Partners

Topics: Economic Opportunity

Centro Community Partners

Centro Community Partners’ mission is to build thriving communities by providing underserved, low-income entrepreneurs with entrepre- neurship education, one-on-one business advising, mentorship, and access to capital.
Naldo Peliks Chief Operations Officer, Centro Community Partners


Help entrepreneurs discover and receive support from Centro as they start and grow their small businesses. The FCF-Okta project team focused on delivering marketing and recruiting support for its go-to-market app to increase downloads and usage among aspiring small business entrepreneurs during the pandemic and beyond.


The FCF-Okta project team helped Centro think through how to create scalable ways to market and engage with entrepreneurs. Key deliverables included improved UI/UX (user interface and experience), small business case studies, partner marketing, new website images, app demo for potential users, app notifications for subscribers, and email campaigns to re-engage entrepreneurs.

Impact on Centro Community Partners mission:

As a result of the FCF-Okta team’s work, Centro estimates they will be able to:
  • Increase the number of people served by its app by 50% (as a result of improvements to its app website, success stories, and the demo video).
  • Improve its partner engagement efficiency by 60% (the demo video will eliminate the need for separate meetings for selling to new partners, then onboarding their team).
  • Improve the number of conversion rates by 2x (keep people engaged through the end of the business planning activities on the app through app notifications, drip email campaigns for re-engagement, improved UI/UX, and new scorecard functionality on the app).
Naldo Peliks Chief Operations Officer, Centro Community Partners