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Verano Health

Verano Health works to improve the lives of underserved Americans on Medicaid with personalized, culturally-sensitive, and tech-enabled care.
Karin Underwood, Verano Health


The FCF project seeks to create a scalable marketing and brand awareness strategy to increase physician referrals and help CoachMe change the lives of 1000 patients by the end of 2021.

Solutions (deliverables)

  • The project team provided: Strategic guidance on building a webinar with the California Primary Care Association to attract physicians and community clinics to the CoachMe work.
  • Guidance, specific project work, and content development for email campaigns that helped Verano Health reach new clinics, partners, and patients.
  • Advice and experience to create a sales process and sales pipeline that allowed Verano Health to reach 10 additional federally qualified health centers to build relationships and share our tech and tools.
  • Creation of a case study for our clinic partners that allowed Verano Health to recruit new partners and share about our impact with additional team members.
  • Review of the Grant Partner website with specific suggestions on how to improve out site and increase trust with our partners

Impact for Grant Partner

  • 300 patients sent in patient referrals
  • 30 healthcare providers educated / pitched
  • 5 new providers signed up to refer to our program in three states

Volunteer Member Skills Used

  • Content/Brand Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Analytics capabilities (physicians use data and stories to learn)
  • Clinical Research
  • Surface level knowledge of physician/patient market
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales development outreach

Team Members

Stevie Askew, Partnership Coach, GitHub adjacent, Chicago IL

Keshia Hohenstein, Global Director, Sales Development, GitHub, Austin TX

Julia Kramka, Sales Operations Business Analyst, GitHub, Portland OR

Kristi Roe, Head of Healthcare, Medallia, Waxhaw NC

Shawn Swanson, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Medallia, Livermore CA

Bee Xiong, Enterprise Business Representative, GitHub, San Francisco, CA

Karin Underwood, Verano Health