WORKIT (An App by United for Respect)

Topics: Economic Opportunity

WORKIT (An App by United for Respect)

WorkIt’s mission is to build technology to bring people together to  claim the true value of their work, ensuring more safe, secure, and  equitable workplaces. WorkIt is an app to help hourly job workers get  fast answers to questions about workplace policies and rights from  trusted, trained peer advisors. WorkIt connects employees to each  other to share their experiences and can provide support and care.  WorkIt Partners include labor unions and other worker organizations  who utilize the platform to support their own base of workers.
Madeleine Case Director of Product, United for Respect


As WorkIt grows, it is imperative that its partners are easily able to access platform analytics to inform their strategy for supporting and activating low-wage workers. The organization lacked the staff capacity to complete a comprehensive analysis of their data sources, partners’ data needs, and how their data could most effectively be visualized.


The FCF-Okta project team collaborated with United for Respect (UFR) to conduct interviews with WorkIt Partners to document insights and data usage trends to inform potential solutions.

Armed with their findings, the project team designed, built and tested clickable prototypes with partners and provided hands-on training for the WorkIt team to conduct their own discovery interviews, and usability tests.”

Impact on WorkIt missions:

As a result of the FCF-Okta team’s efforts, WorkIt/UFR was able to:

  • Increase their partners ability to activate low-wage workers (Improved Partner Portal usability and provided more actionable data on worker questions/needs).
  • Reshape UFR’s understanding of what type of data analysis is needed to support their external partners.
  • Build new feedback loops and processes that help WorkIt make more informed/timely product development decisions.
Madeleine Case Director of Product, United for Respect