Insight Report: Member Experience


Members Give Back--and Gain Understanding of Nonprofits

For over 20 years, Full Circle Fund (FCF) members have been committed to giving back to nonprofit organizations as diverse as the Bay Area. While some grant makers provide funding and other organizations provide volunteers, FCF does both. Volunteer members collaborate with nonprofits by contributing their time, talent and resources.

FCF is one of the few local grant makers that strongly advocates for nonprofit capacity building to increase operating efficiency. Members join teams to help Grant Partners with specific projects in efficiency fundraising and marketing, technical infrastructure and security, product development and many other areas, so they can serve more people and increase their impact.

Often local professionals want to give back to the community with more than a financial donation. Members (and potential Members) are interested in donating their skills and experience, but they are not always sure where to start. FCF does the due diligence to research local nonprofit grant applicants in order to better understand their needs. FCF staff and volunteer Circle Co-Chairs, work closely with each Grant Partner to develop a scope of work for specific projects. FCF then recruits members to join project teams to best match a member’s skills and expertise with a Grant Partner’s project.

Members support FCF through two membership types: Grant Cycle membership provides in-depth engagement for professionals to partner with local social impact. Tech Accelerator Fund membership offers curated engagement for seasoned tech leaders to pool capital and scale tech nonprofit solutions.

At the end of the projects (approximately four to six weeks), Members and Grant Partners are asked to complete a survey. The 2020 “Insights Report: Member Experience” found that 79% of respondents reported that their participation in efforts to address community needs increased or substantially increased since their volunteer project. To read the full report, download the PDF.

This Spring we launched a new Member Referral Program to identify more individuals interested in giving back. Refer one member and FCF will donate $100 to your favorite local nonprofit. Refer five members and FCF will provide a sixth complimentary membership. To refer a member, use this form.

By leveraging their diverse professional skills and resources, Members are helping to build a better Bay Area.





reported that they have formed new relationships.


reported that when considering their long-term career plans, the opportunity to engage in social impact activities as part of their professional role is important or very important.


reported that they know how to apply their professional skills to support nonprofits.


reported that the amount of time they volunteer each year increased or substantially increased


reported that their participation in efforts to address community needs increased or substantially increased


reported that their ability to serve as a nonprofit board member, mentor, advisor, or volunteer increased or substantially increased


I felt comfortable speaking openly and honestly.


Multiple perspectives were respected and honored.


I could be my authentic self


I felt that my time and effort were respected.


As a result of this program, my organization has increased its capacity to fulfill its mission.


As a result of this program, I have formed new relationships that will help my organization succeed in its mission.


Connect with individuals in this network


Identify new volunteer prospects


Identify and engage potential “champions” for my organization