Ready to Accelerate Social Justice in our Post-COVID World?

Mission: San Francisco Rising builds the political power of working-class communities and communities of color in San Francisco to lead the way for democratic governance that prioritizes racial, economic and environmental justice.

Who We Are:

  • We are rooted in grassroots organizing of working class communities of color; and we are led by women, young people, immigrants, and people of color

  • We have a track record of winning innovative policy to combat inequality; our local victories have sparked national movements for a $15 minimum wage, free community college, sanctuary cities, and ethnic studies

  • We build an integrated strategy connecting local, regional, state, and national issues and campaigns


SOMA Neighborhood of San Francisco

What We Do:

  • Support and train people of color to be community leaders

  • Organize to expand our membership and base of supporters to win at scale

  • Deepen political unity among our diverse affiliates and constituents

  • Advance policy solutions toward our long term vision

  • Inspire and mobilize voters from our communities, who are typically ignored by mainstream campaigns but must have a voice in our democracy

Project Summary:

SF Rising is excited to partner with a Full Circle Fund project team to create a 2023 annual report! Annual reports are an important way for organizations to talk about their impact, energize their communities, and inspire new volunteers and donors.

The FCF team will be responsible for creating the outline of the impact report and collecting all of the information that will be shared.

The project will likely entail:

  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to understand what is important to include in the report

  • Collaborating with SF Rising staff to create additional content

  • Deliverable #1: Synthesis of existing qualitative data and quantitative data

  • Deliverable #2: Stories for impact report collected via interviews.

  • Deliverable #3: Outline of annual report

  • Deliverable #4: Documentation of the entire process so that SF Rising can replicate it in future years.

  • Optional: Identifying the best platform for designing the annual report.

Project Stakeholders: 

Sana Sethi (she/her), Communications and Civic Engagement Organizer 

Professional Skills Needed:

  • Project management

  • Storytelling

  • Qualitative data collection

  • Quantitative data analysis

  • Design

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