Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry Launches with Sold-Out National Conference

For the past year, Full Circle Fund Members have been working with the Environment Circle's grant partner Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (BCGC). They reached a major milestone with the organization's first national conference entitled Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches & New Solutions.

The sold-out March 24 event introduced the collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches piloted by BCGC and featured leaders in these fields, who spoke about the role of green chemistry in responding to society's most pressing health, environmental and economic problems.

The center’s mission is threefold: to educate the next generation of chemists; to share the best available science on chemistry and toxicology with policy makers and the public; and to conduct interdisciplinary research at the intersection of health, chemistry, policy, and business.

The world-class faculty at UC Berkeley have a wealth knowledge in their areas of expertise, but found that they could use a partner with business acumen to help this new department and reach its goals. They found that partner in Full Circle Fund. Our project, under the leadership of Chris Hobbs and Braden Penhoet, has helped BCGC develop the business case for green chemistry.

Projects under this partnership included providing ongoing advice and feedback on the following:

  • Designing a clean-tech to market curriculum in green chemistry technologies within Haas School of Business

  • Developing a strategic plan for organization growth including helping with many aspects of the launch event including planning, marketing, pricing, and partnerships.

  • Building a consortium of affiliates who see the value of green chemistry

  • Developing a toxics scorecard for consumer products.

For more on BCGC, read the cover story in the summer issue of OnEarth magazine. All of our Environment Circle projects are currently wrapping up, and a new grant cycle, which will result in a new set of projects, will begin in late summer or early fall.

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