Want to Fix the Education System? Begin with Ed100

It's hard to find a person who doesn't want to help make education better, especially in California. But where to begin? There are many competing ideas about how to improve education. What perspectives do leading organizations and top thinkers bring to this work? What are the core facts? What causes people to view change ideas so differently from one another?

Thanks to Ed100, a new project led by Education Circle Chair Jeff Camp, you can explore possible answers to these questions and more. Over the past decade, the Education Circle has refined the statement: Education is: students and teachers spending time in a place for learning with the right stuff and a system that supports success.

Using this statement as a scaffold, Ed100 explains the many theories of change that compete for attention in education reform efforts. In about 100 posts, one per day, Ed100 aims to help you make sense of the big picture.

"The education system is too big to work on all of it at once, especially on a volunteer basis," says Jeff, "It is easy to become lost in the weeds; Ed100 was originally created as a set of primers to provide new Full Circle Fund members a map through those weeds."

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