Innovative Education Pilot Project Needs Used Smart Phones

Did you know that your used smart phone can have a new life as a learning device for a student? Leadership Public Schools (LPS) SmartPhones for SmartKids (SmartX2) is a pilot project designed to help low-income students gain mobile computing technology that will bolster learning inside and outside of the classroom. Full Circle Fund's Education Circle selected this project in spring 2011 as part of its new investment portfolio. The Project Leads are Steve Bronstein and Greg Wolff.

This project is compelling because it leans into a mega-trend: smart phones have become ubiquitous, even in lower-income settings. Rather than fighting it, could these tools serve an educational purpose? The answer is yes. Features such as cameras, WIFI connectivity and apps (on Android and iPhone), enable smart phones to be used as highly effective mini-computing devices without a carrier data plan. By connecting to their school's WIFI network, students can gain instant access to the web, work on multimedia projects and use applications specifically designed for mobile-based education.

You can help by donating your old smart phone today! Any identifying information off the phone will be deleted before it goes to its new user. We need:

  • iPhones or Androids - in good working condition

  • Phones able to connect to the Internet (when service is provided)

  • A working charger for the phone

  • Accessories that came with the phone; these are welcome but not required

We only need it to connect to the internet so don't worry if:

  • The "phone" portion doesn't work

  • The camera doesn't work

  • The microphone doesn't work

It's easy to help! You can bring your old smart phone to the next Full Circle Fund event and give to a staff member. Take your device, including all the manuals, power cords, accessories you don't want, box it up, and deliver or send to:

SmartPhones 4 SmartKids Project

c/o Full Circle Fund

133 Kearny Street, Suite 202

San Francisco, CA 94108

Remember, you can use this donation to offset your taxes. You do not need a receipt for donations under $250. Consult a qualified tax professional for more information. Leadership Public Schools is a nonprofit, and their tax id number and more can be found on their website.

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