Environment Circle Selects BC3 as Fall 2011 Grant Partner

In August, Environment/Energy Circle Members voted to focus on Collaborative Consumption, which is based on the notion that "we're wired to share," and it's good for the environment to do so. Within that issue area, three organizations were selected as potential grant partners for a mini-grant cycle: BC3 (Business Council on Climate Change), SCRAP, and Cradle to Cradle.

The results are in. Our Fall 2011 grant partner is BC3, led by social entrepreneur Katherine Michonski.

BC3 is a public-private partnership working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in San Francisco. Our team is doing outreach planning to identify businesses that could install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and creating recommendations that will be implemented via Charge Across Town, an EV public awareness campaign and partnership between BC3 and SF Environment.

We'd like to thank our Environment/Energy Circle members for putting together this mini-grant cycle during Fall 2011. A special thank you goes out to Circle members who extended themselves to support the grant cycle in a short timeframe, including Michael Frost, Amie Vaccaro, Sienna Rogers, Melanie Nutter, Anne Boyd Rabkin, Bryan Esterly, Beth Trask, Trina Martynowicz, Chuck Hornbrook, Chris Hobbs, and Radha Blackman.

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