Inquiry Teams Now Shaping the 2012 Grant Process: Join One!

The 2012 grant cycle has officially launched in all three circles. We now have 11 Inquiry Teams actively seeking out great organizations and social entrepreneurs who could benefit from Full Circle Fund's support. If you are a member interested in helping us shape the inquiry process but aren't already involved, email Jillian to join a team! Potential members are encouraged to join a team as a pre-cursor to becoming a member. The issue areas are:


  • Human Capital

  • Technolgoy, Innovation & School Models

  • Policy & Advocacy


  • Oceans & Water

  • Exposure to Nature

  • Environmental Evangelism

  • Environmental Health & Jobs


  • Agriculture

  • Health

  • Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development

  • Strengthening Communities & Technology

At the March Meetings, teams will share how they are approaching impact for their topic, and announce up to ten organizations under consideration. Meeting participants will then have a chance to provide feedback and additional ideas in real time. A huge thank you to the Members who have stepped up to lead, as well as the folks already participating on the teams! See upcoming meetings.

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