How Can You Make Positive Change in Education? Start By Watching This.

Our Education Circle Chair, Jeff Camp recently summarizing the “big picture” of education change ideas using Prezi (an innovative zooming presentation editor ) as a way to navigate the content. Within just a few weeks of its debut, "How to Change Education" otherwise known as the EdPrezi has garnered over 104,000 views and counting!

The EdPrezi takes all a wide range of education change ideas, facts and figures and unifies them visually, under the umbrella of Full Circle Fund's Education Circle's theorum that: “Education is Students and Teachers spending Time in a place for learning with the right Stuff and a System that Supports Success.”

Most of the content from the EdPrezi comes from our website, which was created with content from the Education Impact Guide. links to work by great organizations in the education space, analysis by charter school advocates and opponents, plus work by economists, sociologists, teachers, and leaders. There is a wealth of content online about education change; curates it and the EdPrezi helps make it discoverable.

Will you help spread the word? Please share the link with others and tune in for news at Ed100's Facebook Page. Ready to help make change in Education? Come to our next Education Circle Meeting!

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