Education Inquiry Teams Seek Ideas & Partners for 2012 Portfolio

Right now, the Education Circle's Inquiry Teams are working hard to dig deeper into some of education reform's most pressing questions. The three inquiry teams -- Human Capital, Technology, Innovation and School Models, and Policy and Advocacy -- are looking at the research, speaking to experts, and gathering data to help define the path forward.

At the March Circle Meeting, teams shared questions they have been using to guide their research such as "What are the mega-trends in education reform today?" and "Who can we learn from about how best to engage there?" and "How can teachers be better prepared to make optimal use of technology?" The Circle then heard from Citizen Schools Co-Founder Eric Schwarz. Read the recap and watch the video.

In the next month, Inquiry Teams will identify a small handful of organizations that might serve as partners. They'll begin due diligence on those organizations and start teeing up conversations with them about what partnership might look like. Qualities Full Circle Fund considers when looking at potential partners include whether the organization has a visionary leader, is at an inflection point, is doing cutting edge work, has the capacity to partner, and what the projected impact might be if Members leveraged their time, talent, and connections to help.

As they dig into this work, inquiry teams are certainly open to new recruits. Please reach out to Jenny Jordan or Kim Jacobson if you'd like to join one of the Education Circle's Inquiry teams.

Members, log on to the Member Platform to view the presentation from March's meeting. At April's Education Circle Meeting, teams will be presenting organizations for consideration and members will vote on finalists. RSVP today!Thank you to Circle Coordinator Jenny Jordan for contributing to this article.

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