America’s Cup Sustainability Expert Addresses Environment Circle

At March’s Environment Circle Meeting, Jill Savery, Head of Sustainability at the America’s Cup Event Authority spoke to members about the worldwide event, how it impacts the environment, and what she is doing to make it more sustainable.

Jill is an internationally sought specialist on incorporating sustainability into sporting events who brought in a fresh perspective on how she will make this elite regatta a positive influence on the world wide sports industry from an environmental standpoint.

The America's Cup sustainability plan targets five main issues: Energy & Emissions, Resource Efficiency, Natural Habitats & Wildlife, Inclusion, and Engagement. In addition to focusing on these five areas, Jill is also including a “Healthy Ocean Project” that covers three areas of interest: Marine Protected Areas (only 1% of oceans are protected), sustainable sea life choices, and reduction of plastics in the ocean.

We want to thank Jill for sharing her work with Full Circle Fund's Environment Circle, where Members are currently hard at work on three Inquiry Teams, including Engagement with the Environment, Oceans & Water, and Environmental Health & Jobs. As part of their due diligence process in preparation for the awarding of grants, they have been digging deeper into issues such as water conservation and protection in the Bay and the Delta region, green workforce development, and biomimicry.

In April, teams will identify a few organizations that could serve as partners and begin to collaborate with these organizations, discussing what partnership might look like. Members are looking for organizations that have visionary leader, are at an inflection point, are doing cutting edge work, and have the capacity to partner. Another important aspect taken into consideration when choosing potential partners is what the projected impact might be if Members leveraged their time, talent, and connections to help.

Inquiry teams always welcome new members, and it is never too late to jump in. Please reach out to Jillian if you’d like to join one of the Environment/Energy Circle’s Inquiry teams.

Members, log on to the Member Platform to view the presentation from March’s meeting. At April’s Circle Meeting, teams will be presenting organizations for consideration and members will vote on finalists. RSVP today!

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