Sienna Rogers: New Environment Co-Chair!

Member Sienna Rogers has advanced to Co-Chair for the Environment / Energy Circle, taking over for Melanie Nutter, who will remain involved in an advisory role. Both Sienna and Melanie are founding members of the Circle.

"I'm tremendously excited to partner with Braden Penhoet as Co-Chair in this new role, and grateful for Melanie's contributions," said Sienna.By day, Sienna is Chief of Staff, Energy Procurement at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, one of our Corporate Partners.

"Pacific Gas and Electric Company has been a longtime supporter of Full Circle Fund," shared Ezra Garrett, VP of Community Relations & Executive Director of their foundation, "We're energized by people who translate their passion and commitment into tangible, measurable results in the communities we live and work. Since environmental stewardship is a focus area of our community investment program, we're incredibly pleased to see employees like Sienna become increasingly engaged.

"In 2011, Sienna led Full Circle Fund's project with Business Council on Climate Change, advancing the availability of electric vehicle charging stations in San Francisco. She is now co-leading our grant partnership with Roots of Success, an organization in which Pacific Gas & Electric Company Foundation made a $10,000 investment after learning about them through Full Circle Fund in June.

"In addition to being a way for our people to develop as leaders and give back to the community, Full Circle Fund is a valuable resource to our foundation by helping to illuminate innovative opportunities that might otherwise not be on our radar," Garrett confirmed.

Under Sienna and Braden’s leadership, we’re certain the Circle will continue bringing unique opportunities for positive impact to the forefront. Thank you, Melanie, and congratulations, Sienna!

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