Flexible Engagement: Impact in Two Hours

Flexible Engagement is a new initiative we introduced in 2012 for Members who are looking to leverage their skills in a quicker timeframe. A recent example was a focus group orchestrated for current grant partner Reach Institute for School Leadership, an organization that focuses on supporting and developing teachers and school leaders.

Reach sought our expertise to craft more succinct messaging, and name their new initiative. The two-hour focus group brought together twelve Members and Alumni from all Circles. The result? High satisfaction in a short period of time for Members, and concrete, useful results for the grant partner.

Page Tompkins, Reach's Executive Director, later reflected by saying, "The evening was incredibly useful and I'm very grateful. It brought together a skilled group of people to address our messaging and marketing challenges, and got my wheels turning about our larger branding issues. It really helped on multiple levels.

"We'll announce more opportunities for Members and Alumni to flexibly engage in the coming months, with the next few slated for October; dates coming soon! Special thanks to Member Lindsay Norcott for facilitating and Project Leads Hannah Bascom and Joe Ross for their leadership!

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