Former Grant Partners Awarded $5.4M in Follow On Funding

Full Circle Fund is proud to announce that former grant partners GRID Alternatives and Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry have received generous funding from Wells Fargo and the National Science Foundation!

GRID Alternatives received a grant from Full Circle Fund in 2008 to help prepare to scale their program across California. They have now received a $2M investment from Wells Fargo that will enable them to bring clean, affordable solar energy to lower income communities in Colorado. We’re excited to see their expansion plan gaining even more momentum! Read more on GRID's website.

Additionally, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, a grant partner funded during the 2010 grant cycle, was recently awarded a $3.4M graduate training grant from the National Science Foundation! Full Circle Fund Members helped the newly-formed center develop the business case for green chemistry early on.

Congratulations, BCGC and GRID Alternatives! Your success validates the venture philanthropy funding model and shows that investing early in innovative solutions can create a significant ripple effect. When larger foundations then take great ideas to the next level, it's a win across the board.

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