Koret Foundation & Full Circle Fund Announce Rising Leaders Program

Full Circle Fund is now recruiting for our new Rising Leaders Program, thanks to a grant from the Koret Foundation. Rising Leaders are early-career individuals, likely 30 years of age or younger, eager, motivated, ripe for professional development, and passionate about making their community and the world a better place. The grant will sponsor several aspects of the program pilot, including:A 50% discounted Full Circle Fund membership rate. This will help reduce the barrier to entry for both non-profit and private sector professionals.

Leadership development programs geared toward specific needs of Rising Leaders. Potential topics include effective presentation skills, team collaboration, and management.

Speaker programs. The group will identify and recruit speakers that appeal to younger audiences, in our issue areas and philanthropy in general.

"Full Circle Fund has a terrific track record of building leadership skills in the next generation of Bay Area leaders," said Adam Hirschfelder, Senior Program Officer at the Koret Foundation and a Full Circle alum

."By helping establish the Rising Leaders Program at Full Circle Fund, the Koret Foundation is able to play a key role in empowering and educating individuals early in their career, and prepare them for success across sectors. This can only increase the positive impact the organization has on cultivating next generation leadership, the non-profits Full Circle Fund supports, and the region's future.

"The program is currently in its pilot phase, but eventually plans to implement a mentor matchmaking program to connect our Rising Leaders with seasoned members who can be professional resources. For information about applying, contact Tim Smith, Director of Engagement & Operations.

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