Hackathon for Social Good

Once an organization becomes part of Full Circle Fund's grant partner family, we look for every opportunity to connect them with innovative resources, provide exposure, and advance their mission. That's why we're excited to announce that One Economy, Roots of Success, and Niroga Institute were recently selected to receive custom branded mobile apps to help their organization address a pressing challenge.

Apps will be created at a two day event we're co-sponsoring on October 26 & 27th called the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon for Social Good. At the Hackathon, our Grant Partners will pitch their challenges and ideas to a diverse and talented community of app developers who will work through the night, designing and tweaking their innovations in order to support social entrepreneurship. Over 65 developers have already signed up to help! Experts estimate that it costs at least $30,000 to design, implement and deploy a quality mobile app. Therefore the valuable opportunity to apply was limited to our portfolio of current and former Grant Partners.

So, why should nonprofits go mobile? Smartphones now make up 30% of the three billion mobile devices worldwide, and users spend over half the time on apps! Many nonprofit causes want to expand their reach into the growing mobile market but lack the resources to make it happen. Thanks to this partnership with AT&T, our Grant Partners will receive a high caliber end product completely free of charge. We hope to offer the Hackathon opportunity to more of our Grant Partners each year.

In exchange for helping, developers will learn about the latest cutting edge tools, be well fed, compete for prizes across different categories, and most importantly: meet other skilled developers to help expand their community. Participating developers should expect a healthy dose of good karma as they work tirelessly in support of social good! Find out more about how these rockstar developers are supporting their community (or, sign up yourself if you're a developer!) on the event page.

Full Circle Fund Members and Guests may attend the Friday and Saturday evening sessions to hear speakers, pitches, and to network. Full Circle Fund Board Member Steve Schoettler will be serving as Keynote Speaker and a judge. Email Jillian Galbete for information about attending as a guest or register here. A huge thank you to Member Aaron McDaniel of AT&T who is a key partner in this event!

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