Partnership Announcement: Fuse Corps & Full Circle Fund

Full Circle Fund is excited to announce a new partnership in which Fuse Corps Fellows will be eligible for Full Circle membership. Annual member fees of $1,000 per person will be waived for Fuse Corps Fellows who wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity to drive positive social change in their communities.

Fuse Corps is a nonprofit organization that works with government and community leaders to identify specific, community‐based initiatives where the ingenuity and skills of America’s most entrepreneurial young leaders can be leveraged to make a positive difference. Fuse Corps is led by Jennifer Anastasoff, a longtime member of Full Circle Fund, who served as founding CEO of EnCorps prior to founding Fuse Corps. Jennifer was also the founder of BuildingBlocks International, where she helped engage top corporate professionals in pro-bono projects.

To date, Fuse Corps Members Erika Dimmler, Noelle Galperin and Jeremy Goldberg have taken advantage of this opportunity.

“It was an honor to be selected and to serve in the inaugural class of Fuse Corps Fellows and subsequently become a part of Full Circle Fund’s community," said Jeremy, who is working at the Office of San Jose Mayor Chuck Reid, "I'm excited to see how this learning and networking opportunity will enhance my year as a Fuse Corps Fellow."

For more information on how to get involved with Full Circle Fund, please contact Jillian Galbete.

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