AT&T Hackathon Helps Grant Partners Go Mobile

Full Circle Fund's first Mobile App Hackathon has come to an end, and we have some exciting highlights for you! First off, we'd like to extend a big thank you to all who made the hackathon a huge success, including sponsor and producer AT&T, all of the developers, and our grant partners.

The Mobile App Hackathon for Social Good took place in Palo Alto on October 26 and 27, 2012. Developers worked through the night, combining their expertise with the visions of our grant partners to create apps that will help them achieve their missions. Niroga Institute, Roots of Success, and One Economy Corporation were our grant partner participants.

Roots of Success's hacker took home the grand prize, winning $5,000 in cash and the title of Best Overall Social Good Challenge App! The app will allow students enrolled in Roots of Success's environmental literacy and job readiness curriculum to track their progress, access multimedia, and practice vocabulary outside the classroom - all conveniently from their phones or tablets. The app provides tips on how to apply classroom learning and even allows students and instructors to upload and share videos with each other! Students can also access the program guidebook using the app, making it the first version that is accessible in a digital format.

Representing the Education Circle, Niroga Institute's app helps users with stress relief. Users can watch a video (produced by Niroga, pre-Hackathon), comparing their stress levels prior to and after using the video. And if that isn't cool enough, the app also provides users with the ability to share their stress scores with one another, building a global community of stress management practice!We are excited to have reconnected with One Economy Corporation, a grant partner of years past. With the help of AT&T developers, One Economy built an app called BeeLocal - the "Yelp of social services," as described by One Economy. The app allows users to search for local, reviewed family services and health resources, catering to low-income families and individuals that account for the greater portion of One Economy's user base. One Economy is right on the mark with this one, as recent studies have shown that low-income users are now increasingly shifting away from browser-based services and toward mobile.

We'd like to thank Full Circle Fund Board Member and Keynote speaker Steve Schoettler, and Member Aaron McDaniel of AT&T who was integral in putting the event together. Finally, congratulations to Kenji Kato, the talented developer that created the winning "Green Jobs Educate" app for Roots of Success! View event photos on AT&T's official Facebook page!

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