Full Circle Fund Announces New Board Directors for 2013

We are excited to announce the addition of four directors to our Board in 2013. The new members include:

Matt Finick - CFO of ROBLOX

Catherine Hutton Markwell - CEO of The BizWorld Foundation

Joe Kleinschmidt - Vice President of Cloud Products at Telligent

Rob Trice - Venture Partner at Swisscom Ventures

"We are thrilled with the new director appointments of Matt, Catherine, Joe, and Rob,” said Full Circle Fund CEO Kiki Mills Johnston, “Their diverse professional experiences and commitment to social impact will bring valuable perspectives, and bolster our mission to help address significant social issues in the Bay Area. We’re delighted to have their support.”

Board Chairman Co-Founder Josh Becker adds, “Full Circle Fund is about bringing together a community to have substantial social impact. Our new directors will help the organization grow, strengthen our network, and allow us to have a larger impact going forward.”

Full Circle Fund's Board and staff also gratefully acknowledge the work of Kirsten Green, long-time Full Circle Fund Board Member who stepped down at the end of 2012. Kirsten’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit were invaluable, and she made significant impact as chair of the Step Up Leadership Program. Thank you, Kirsten, for your service and dedication!

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