Demo Day 2013: Oh, What A Night!

On Tuesday, June 18th, nine of our Grant Partners, over 60 Members and a room of over 220 guests joined us for our 2nd Annual Demo Day at Schwab Center in San Francisco. It was an unforgettable night!

Our fantastic and engaging emcee, Marc Smolowitz, kicked off the program after Full Circle Fund CEO Kiki Mills Johnston opened the night with a warm welcome to all guests, and gratitude to all supporters, investors, and sponsors who made the night possible.

As soon as our 2013 Grant Partners took the stage, the room caught fire! Black Girls Code's Kimberly Bryant captivated the audience with our first presentation of the night, and soon after, buildOn, Caliber Schools, Ed100 and iZone informed the audience of three aspects of their project: the organization's purpose, the "why," or problem, and the solution (how Full Circle Fund can help). Each organization also posed an inquiry question and poll for the audience to answer in live time, which further engaged the audience in the Partners' description of why their problem was relevant.

Mark Jacobstein, esteemed Full Circle Fund Board Member, engaged everyone for our quick "Fifth Inning Stretch" and reiterated the value of Full Circle Fund Membership and being a part of this diverse and active philanthropic network.As Marc eased everyone back into the remainder of the evening, energy and excitement continued to grow as guests (our participants) quietly deliberated over which organizations would receive their $30 Demo Dollars. Impact Carbon, MOUSE Squad of California, San Francisco Green Film Festival, and WE CARE Solar "wowed" the crowd with staggering statistics and inspiration plans for future growth and impact through their partnerships.

SUPRISE! We also can't forget a few exciting and generous surprise grants that popped up through the evening: a $50,000 grant for Ed100 by the Stuart Foundation, and a generous $10,000 Demo Dollar match for buildOn by PG&E! By the end of the night, we were blown away by the volume of Demo Dollars given and enthusiasm in the room!Thanks to all guests who attended, all team leads, Circle leads, Grant Partners, volunteers, and our supportive sponsors: BetterWorld Telecom, ExciteM, Charles Schwab, Schwab Charitable Trust, and Tech CU.

Follow the recap along with some photos from our good friend and photographer, Thomas Minczeski!

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