Ashley Rodwick: Philanthropist Extraordinaire!

Runner. Traveler. Philanthropist Extraordinaire! Ashley Rodwick joined Full Circle Fund in 2012, and serves as Co-Chair of our Global Economic Opportunity Circle. Why is she a Member? We're curious to know!

Ashley Rodwick, Member since 2012

Communications and Evaluation Analyst, Koret Foundation

FCF: Why did you decide to become a Member and what drew you to our work?

AR: I first heard of FCF while working at Koret from my colleague and FCF alum Adam Hirschfelder. Being new to the field of philanthropy, I wanted to learn about grantmaking from various angles and be exposed to giving areas outside of what Koret supports.

FCF: What is the most meaningful aspect of being a Member?

AR: Definitely the people I’ve encountered. Members’ willingness and enthusiasm to give time and effort is inspiring.

FCF: In three words, how would you describe Full Circle Fund/its network/work?

AR: Welcoming. Generous. Ambitious.

FCF: What book is on your nightstand right now?

AR: I just finished Cutting by for Stone by Abraham Verghese and about to start Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. And this week’s issue of US Weekly.

FCF: Who is the person you’re most interested in meeting?

AR: Madeleine Albright.

FCF: What do you love most about San Francisco/the Bay Area?

AR: The diversity of people, places, and terrain. I love being able to hike up a mountain, visit the beach and try a great restaurant all in one day.

FCF: If you weren’t in your current profession, what would you want to do?

AR: I would travel the world and write about it.

FCF: What are your hobbies?

AR: I love to run and belong to a running team called the Pamakids. We are a non-profit and also make small grants to health-related organizations in the area, so I get to combine running and philanthropy!

FCF: How do you spend your free time?

AR: Traveling, running, trying new restaurants, and currently, marathons of The Wire

We would like to extend special thanks to Ashely for her time, leadership and support, and to the Koret Foundation, who has helped make our Rising Leaders Program possible!

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