What Is The “Full Circle Fund Effect”?

You may have heard of the "Butterfly Effect" -- but the "Full Circle Fund Effect," what is that, you ask? Member Alejandra Villalobos, who has been with Full Circle Fund since late 2012, illustrates how some connections really do come full circle (pun intended). Learn about this multitalented Development Director who now works for a former Grant Partner!

Alejandra Villalobos, Member since 2012

Director of Development, Embrace

FCF: Why are you a Full Circle Fund Member?

AV: I became a member because I was excited to learn from and engage with a community of people who are truly driving social change.

FCF: What is the most meaningful aspect of being a Member?

AV: The people! And the opportunity to work with outstanding grant partners.FCF has shaped my career. I was inspired to join Embrace after learning more about the organization and their approach to social innovation through FCF.

FCF: In three words, how would you describe Full Circle Fund's work?

AV: Generous. Curious. Conscientious.

FCF: What book is on your nightstand right now?

AV: I just started reading The Imaginations of Unreasonable Men: Inspiration, Vision, and Purpose in the Quest to End Malaria by Bill Shore.

FCF: What inspired you to join your Circle/team?

AV: My background is in education. I focused on international education policy while at Stanford and previously worked with Partners in School Innovation. Joining the GEO circle was an opportunity to explore a new set of social issues and solutions.

FCF: What are you most passionate about?

AV: Social innovation. Philanthropy. Travel. Food. Art and Design.

FCF: If you weren’t in your current profession, what would you want to do?

AV: I would be an architect.

FCF: What are your hobbies?

AV: I love to cook. I Co-Chair the Food and Wine Committee for the Stanford Club of San Francisco and have hosted events ranging from bread-making workshops to Spanish tapas cooking lessons.

Thanks for sharing more about yourself, Alejandra! Nothing inspires us more than hearing stories of Members who helped achieve more impact (and even launch a career!) due to our network and partnerships.

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