Marc Benioff at igNITE 2013: "Philanthropy is the best drug I ever took."

"Let is start here, let it start right now, and let it start with each one of us."

Sharp words ripped through the cool winter air and activated a room of over 300 attendees at our 2013 igNITE Benefit at Bimbo's in San Francisco, when Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of and our 2013 igNITE Honoree, shared his philosophy of giving back. We honored Benioff for his philanthropic leadership and innovation and behind his 1/1/1 model, and for inspiring community service, social impact, and philanthropy through his employees and company values.

Marc closed out the night on a powerful note to inspire the attendees, leaders, and supporters in the room: "You're going to know when you're doing it.

It is the greatest you could ever do. Nothing is going to make you feel better. Philanthropy is absolutely the best drug I've ever took... And I want it for all of you, and I want it for our whole industry."

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